1 Mês De Uso Com A Placa Mãe B75M Lga1155.

  • 09-May-2022

Hi there, beauty, guys, You asked to record a video about. And the time of use with this card that I bought in China at 1155, a b75ma I'm going to talk about negative and positive points that I had with it, it's really worth buying it. Because it was quite cheap I have a video on YouTube showing one of her boxing, I'll leave it here in the description of the video for you, I'll call here. Now I'll also teach many people who are in doubt how to enter her Bios, but I don't know how to enter the Bios.

But I know how to enter the boot near here Fiona is pressing f11 Before showing anything there on the screen, but f11. And as you can see, then in the bias, the bias, no, no Butt, then I say, a negative point here in the selection at boot, you can see for sure 3 HD here oi. The first one is working. And the second one is for Windows.

The second is to save my game files like the third one. It is not recognizing in the system. But it is being recognized at boot.

Ok? Seeing I don't know what I have to do here to. Solve it later, I'll, take a look to solve it. If I solve it I'll, comment there leave it in the comment This is the negative point it's, not talking about the other HD I, don't know if it's the defect HD Wi-Fi of the plate I'll find out that it still goes with you. You can see the plate it's here, normal the month of use working normal I left it here already open to show demonstrate you Hi it's working normal it here.

Look. And now it's very good to take a look at the trash can it's working normal. Everything, ok, in that combination This, one I said, and after you get here in this boot option for you to enter the Bible you'll have to go here.

Look inside it's called setup. You enter here look down here by pressing enter there enter the Bios. If you want to solve a problem, if you don't know how to move here, if you don't know how to move it, it won't cause a problem on the PC later, you find yourself crying there without knowing how to solve it, you'll have to pay a technician, co, And, then it's. Already so hard to move here, it's only for those who know how to move it's so complicated, but it's, not good, not to move for those who don't know, then you'll come out normal So, I wanted to say something here about this video card here I think that you know, she is the one from the brand think is I think as soon as she said, specials, she says, specials and this little marquee here. This one is a GT 430 2GB.

It's because I want to talk about her here. She's playing. So she arrives both of Um it's on. Then it grows, the whole game is finding the game is what I did with it, I tried to search on the internet. And so I put a different BIOS.

It got the screen all bugged And. Then it didn't work. There I put the other one from the GT 550 their. Then there was a problem with me being dark.

Then there was a issue with her Bios I bought the EPROM BIOS I think you know that it does a type of Bios rewrite for when this happens with the screen. It goes dark, I, bought it on beer. I, never bought it on this. One.

Store, I buy I go to this haunted store there to see if it arrives right, It is a positive point for the store there who knows I can buy it has free shipping there. You are connected don't, buy this card here in Brazil. Now you buy an RX 570 or GTX 470 on AliExpress used than buying these animals here in Brazil that reaches the level of buying a used one on AliExpress better to buy on AliExpress it's used. And the Page Express folks is getting there on the video card it's, getting even the normal RAM. Memory is getting ok, everything, ok, without any problem Another point that happened that I went to put. Negative that was putting Android for me to go today is an Android system that a lot of people know there when I put it on and went to restart it back to Windows. Then there was a blue screen.

Then there was a issue then I didn't like it. So I had to format the PC what to solve end to see how I solved it. I formatted it soon I formatted. I lost my files. No problem. There is nothing. Interesting, but you who don't know that you like to use android system to be playing free fire playing any other game.

Don't put the game Or. If you want to risk If, you know how to format the computer back it solved the problem, put it and see the second one of you is sure if it works, one of you comment below and in relation to the game, guys, and it's working fine here, I'll open it here. The wolf can run on mine and three here, calmly at 60fps that I leave recorded on 60 I don't need to be wanting to. Win very happy there, because you know how it is. But the board is, ok, person. The month of use is very good without any problem I'm going to test a video card in the future when the dollar drops more to RJ, 4 I'm, going to buy a video card to put in it. So we can test it let's, see how it does, and I hope it lasts until then also until 2021, there, I recently, bought one and the phone.

The pasta phone is a g23 from frenetic inflate ch, so I'm, waiting for it to arrive. It won't take long, not that I get there. Not when I arrive I'll, do it a box there for you or in mass to receive such is more increased. The staff is all good board has no issue. Get normal game. Emulator also get I'm using some TEC here as you can see I use it for game.

Everything is getting Vale it's worth buying for the price because in Brazil, a plate like that, you will spend 500 a minimum It's like that 500 or more if you find it and some cheaper store You can buy it cheaper. But in relation to that you on AliExpress is very better. You. Buy it for 200 cantos, I arrive in 15 days, 13 days depends on the mail But. It will arrive in Hi.

And then This is the people I'll open it here to put training mode here for you to see a lot of people have doubts with 13 weakness here and not the best In, the future I think I'm going to buy, you know, what Marina is to leave top here, 17 I think it's 3770 up to here and there's. The sun on the 37th of September, I think, that's how I'm going to put it on this board to see if it will work. I was going to. Put the five of them to hear that on AliExpress it's for 200, and we're for five hundred, it can go down, But when the dollar goes down, I'll, see, I, can't, see that I'm going to do that and more than you can see here, I am with keyboard. None at the edge of the fair that you know that is the wholesale here from somewhere that is 20, Want, 15,911, weak mouse pad, weak I'm going to buy one of those that lights up like this on the side that you're. So connected What is a mechanical keyboard I'm going to buy the. Kit, then I make a box of it.

Then I'll show the kit as it is in the future and I already bought the phone or peripheral step slowly to migrate to the ddr4 in the future I make peripheral Then I, buy from Dr. Four I looked for ricotta in the future. But when you can see now it's getting normal I play everything. And this is the video Guys I.

Hope you enjoyed the card is very good very positive. It hopes you don't find too many negative things on it is, but it is working normal hope you enjoyed subscribe. To the channel there If, you If, you want to say that you didn't like the video, activate the notification and wait for more video that I'll release there for the channel, We are together, Thanks it's us. Husband.

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