Art Talk 41 | Stronger Than Passion | Stephen Silver

  • 09-May-2022

Hello good morning and welcome to another Monday morning, art, torque. So thanks for tuning in to my channel here, it's at, / silver Tunes, if you're seeing this on different platforms. So today, what I wanted to talk to you guys about was something that's greater than passion and I talked about passion all the time because I think passion is a driving force that is something that gets you excited about whatever it is that you're wishing to embark on and do because without that initial boost. Really of wanting something what's the point of chasing it what's, the point of going off to it, but I think what's greater than passion is belief, and it's having in belief in it enough to wear.

What happens is by believing in something will make you follow something only again, if you believe in it enough and just think about it, I mean, when you even look at just organized religion, you look at just anything that you've tried that when you were younger, when I look at my my my kids and the beliefs. They have of even just things that they won't. They believe, you know, I really want to do this I really want to get this thing, and that makes them pursue certain aspects. And then it goes on and on and I, just throw that out there because I feel it's so strong that it's really the catalyst to it all by having that belief, which ties in yes with that passion. But if you believe that you really want to have your own, you know, company, okay, I'm just gonna I can only talk for myself. You know, again, Doing different things, my belief structure along the way was I believed in when I developed earlier apps, and I was developing where the friend of mine that belief was so strong that I believed in it enough that I kept following through and following up on things and kept chasing it and think about it. Just if you believe in someone you believe in a message, you believe in whatever it is then you're going to follow that.

But if people turn you off, and if people you don't believe in that person and. That person you feel like god, they're just I, just don't believe in it. And you know, what drives me to talk about all this I went to a event just last night and I went to this I was this whole auction. And this guy in the very beginning got up, and he started to talk about what he was doing there, and I just didn't believe him. It was I didn't believe him. It wasn't genuine I, didn't, I, didn't feel.

Furthermore, it was coming from sincerity, I, didn't, I, didn't, believe him enough for me to one even follow what he. Was doing okay, then the next guy comes up on stage, and he rarely gets into the brass tacks. He really this guy was a better speaker, just kind of God up there and really discussed what it is that they were trying to do what they were trying to accomplish and really got in. And it to me. It was so much more believable.

And at that point believed in enough to where I could support that, and I could follow that and that's, what I think it all just comes down to with whatever that you're trying to do. With in your life, whatever you're trying to follow whatever you're trying to pursue the only way to truly attain. It is that strong belief of even wanting it I'm working on my new book right now, I believe it's going to be the greatest book on character design that's ever been put out there, and I don't believe in that's to where I know that that's going to push me forward that's, what excites me that's? What drives me because of that belief structure that's within oneself and that's? Why I encourage you. Guys to don't get involved in something if you don't believe in enough because you're not going to follow the right path, and it comes down to following that right part.

Okay, it's. Not just making something happen. But if I say, you know, I, don't know, I'm just going to throw out there. I want to be a CG modeler.

Okay. All right. Let's just say, for instance, what's what's. Real is I want to create my own I, just kind of push that down it's flashing. I want to make my own 3d. Models I do that's. Something that I do.

Want to do, but I do realize this I don't want to do it enough, and I don't believe in it enough to constantly work through the process and follow the process of making that a reality I'm, not following through in getting the programs. I have a program like sculptress. And I've tried it. You know, it's like the Brush is what I'd like to do, but I just haven't followed enough a lot of pursuing it enough I'm, not doing those things, because even though I want to do it I, don't, truly believe in it enough and I. Believe in don't get me wrong.

When I said, I, believe in the process of or everything that it has, you know, it would be awesome to be able to do. But I will throw that out there for you if there's something don't just get involved in saying, oh, I just want to be a character designer. If you don't believe enough in wanting to really go through and study and learn the process of becoming a better character designer or a concept designer, or a storyboard artist, and then I want to just leave that as. Food for thought for you this week is what do you truly believe in enough that you are going to take the initiative just to follow it all the way through and not give up on it, no matter what happens and just try. And if it fails all right, you tried if it succeeds great success, but you're going to try the new thing so that's, what I want to leave you with thanks again for watching my next semester starts in just two weeks from now my life school, and you can visit my website at Silver droid.

Academy com that's it. Thanks for watching, and I'll talk to you guys next week. Take care. Your damage is a big giant love, and he'll, I don't, find you, but you know, quite a few be on here just don't buy one cinnamon, you. Okay. Okay.

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