Bobcat 753 Drive Motor Seal Replacement Pt1

  • 09-May-2022

Hey, guys over here, working on the oil, hydraulic oil leaking into my case that Gaza that turns out to be okay seals for the drive here seals I, pulled out. We have a seal holder as well as the seal I assume, these are supposed to be made it together, but they're just they're just loose to go in and fact, one was out when I pulled the motor off and the other one it spun free inside this carrier. So that wasn't, the issue I knew that was part of the issue I got so got some o-rings I'm going to put.

On the motor here, we have a new seal as you can see, they've changed design. It looks like now they've realized the error of their ways, and I've come up with hopefully a better system, it's a one-piece unit as a seal. The outside of this has a little of rubberizes to it like rubber coated as you can see I, put a little grease on that inner spring to hopefully keep it from popping off when I'm driving it in doesn't hurry, put a little grease on it, I'm also going to grease the inside of that I ran.

Into a dilemma doing this is, and I'll show you here on the other side, where this old case or the old seal holder, I, guess you would call it that. There is an o-ring in there that sealed that plastic piece to the steel, and I've debated. What to do with that o-ring I called a dealer.

They said, they really don't know, they would probably leave it in place there's. Nothing that says in the book, what to do, except for the steel carrier and seals been replaced with this new seal. And if I pulled the oh I did. Pull the o-ring out to take a look.

And if I pull the o-ring it's, just a voice and I didn't, think that would be good. So what I did was decided I'm going to leave in place they're still enough feeling areas that I think the seal will be just fine on that side, and it's really not a lot of pressure in here. So I think it'll be fine. I guess we'll see it's only a couple of hours work. We do it if I should have taken it out, but I think it'll be okay, but here's. How I'm just not ready to install.

This feel, and we'll, we'll show you how we're going to do that. Okay, I have to playing something set the camera on. This is this. This is the field driver I made it's a three inch to two inch reducer with a piece of two-inch pipe this field. This Fitz went to Home Depot this seal, this actually fits perfect on there. So it makes a good driver works.

Well on the other side, hopefully it's going to work. Well on this side, I'm going to try to figure out a way to set the camera up here to where you can see as. I'm doing that's, good and clean in there, wipes it out with towels. The tricky part is getting that inner leg.

I got. It started make sure my hands are good and clean here looks like the inner bliss is on all the way around so that's, good. And now we'll just go ahead and drive around home, keep driving until we get home. Sigh. Can you feel you can kind of feel when it hits bottom I just want to make sure that on there good? And even, and you can kind of tell where it's raised I think it's good, give her a.

Couple more smacks, one more. Okay, we're done I got over rings for this inner o-ring here as well as the outer o-ring here, and then I'm going to clean up this motor before I, put it back in there, make sure that it's all dirt free and rust free and loop. Those o-rings up after I, put new ones in, and I'll.

Take it over the bench, and we'll work through that.

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