Combinación Secreta Para El Bunker Del Martillo - Bosque Nevado | Actualización

  • 04-Apr-2022

Welcome to a software project today, I say, a humanity crashed unless the bunker password that someone had previously in the previous event that was not exactly the same as today Perez between the woods after all, and how can not bring I bring it to the channel today? And for the people who still didn't know it or for whatever reason don't know it? Well from here you have it as you already know that I always bring you all the news and three updates and all the curiosities of your dot network, I, well, You have it here, don't, worry, fellow metal, comrades, and basically nothing, I'll, leave you here, a short video for a little while, have a laugh with German, also doing the theme of the ship and explaining things a little, and I'll also leave you really specific, seeing well, how I know how it opens and others? So I, hope you guys like the video you need it and leave a good like to share those little things that many vice a lot helps me. It helps me grow the gray hair, LY, nothing that you enjoy.

The video and the password goodbye, what it is not, but well, let's go for the bunker, or we will never be able to go for the bunker here you guys are as we have marked the area of this album that you see these recto Glen red does not take away. You do not see the mouse 30, and I have red and our blue list. Because there you will always find the bunker, obviously, it always changes the position.

And then we will have here to break. If I will leave an arrow to remind me. He'll, tell me, no, nothing's, wrong, I'll. Take care of it, the help that is chasing me with a hammer today is the bastion of the bunker and don't bother me anymore, I'm not, I.

Hope they destroyed the color we'll. Do the one we opened in the bunker, the bullets are dead. This is the little boy bunker, not even the letters and basically German read me. Why it's little pig stone lake is in the cloud, the symbol of cure the symbol of law, the fountain bridge, the speck, the boot, the symbol of cure, the egg of cloud Easter did not take place mentally. And the cargo and with these guys would know anyway, then I will leave you another fragment, or I would cut it here so that you can see it well and that it is clear, but that would be the code to open that door.

And the martyr would not be there. You see, and that has more cures at one. It has an advantage for, oh, if you see that stone by stone loose, 14, perfect, hello.

As we never have much darkness. Go away. Look at our life.

We will notify you of the status of the oath that we ha. E time here is come in. Senor tangos with medicine cabinets, two medicine, cabinets 50 pills. It was a 9 with an average by 4 great.

Look. I have a peephole x 1. It will not be the poorest game we have ever had at least I have brought the n4 of the stone too kill.

An out there did not hear a shot is also a selected and left elongated. And again, 2, German nice to meet you snap dies like name. Imagine face wins come revive MLB that is reviving him going what we will be living 11 that we are going to win. It can not wait. It does not.

Come and there it is I know, but then what is the distance? The distance is the key against this. One look I could not do better I'm going to distract you and the blood will protect you comrades. The area is dying. Nothing is dying. Look here is one of the games I play.

They are the best he dies. He dies. He dies. Furthermore, he leaves as many were in advance.

Furthermore, he is healing. Well, guys, you have left somewhere well done. Obviously, this was it for you. It is a bit of dynamics. I will leave you well-placed as it is done in. The opening of the booker without any problem. And if I said something silly so that you can see it well, and there is no issue or confusion.

So I hope you liked it this video, guys, I. Hope, you have appreciated that the thimble of a good lies is like this. If you have liked sharing, the greatest is a great favor and nothing more to say than to subscribe to the bell and its functions. M.

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