Customer Snapshot: Pac-12 Networks

  • 09-May-2022

Pac-12 networks is the wholly-owned networks of the conference of Champions, the pac-12. Our mission is to connect fans to the schools and sports. They love so that's everything from being able to watch the game anywhere.

They want to watch it. However, they want to watch it presenting really great VoD content to them. It is about us understanding our fans better and using data to help tailor the experience to fans better. And by leveraging some new cutting-edge technology to create things that no. One's ever seen before our objective is to find more ways to drive revenue back to our schools so that we can support their athletic department. So the pac-12 has gone all-in on the AWS clouds.

What that means for us is the ability to experiment without having to have a big capital investment on the front. It also means that we can scale to meet the demands of our consumers when we have our biggest events. And then when our season ends Aloud be able to scale down. And the final part of this is around. Cost efficiency it's allowed us to iterate much faster in our digital products.

So we're using a lot of different services. So it's, everything from the database services like Aurora DB to ec2 instances, we're using elastic load, balancers, s3 and glacier. We measure our archives and petabytes in the past. We had lots and lots of great game footage. But it's locked down in here, we're not able to leverage it all the ways that our fans would like to experience it by putting that content into s3 we're able. To interact with our partners, better create new opportunities for syndication, better international distribution, opportunities and lots of incredible ways for us to chop that content up and give it to consumers and our own digital properties. Now we're starting to work with many of the machine, learning services like recognition and sage maker.

The places that we're starting to focus on today are things like closed captioning. How do we make our content more accessible to fans? We're really excited.About thinking ways we can clip great highlights out of content in an automated fashion at scale. When you have this much content, it would be unbelievable. If you could look at every great play by a single player or every great play by a team. We broadcast in RFA few live events every year on our linear channels, we broadcast another 350 to Florida vents on our digital channels, our TV Everywhere application and produce over 200 hours of studio programming going into this season. We migrated our.

Seven live linear. Twenty four-hour-a-day TV streams from on-premise hardware to the AWS elemental media services, part of that we're using media live and media package to deliver content to consumers, well-being able to deliver a custom audience to an advertiser that sticks directly into a stream is something that we think is really a great opportunity for both advertisers. And for fans, it's great for fans, because we can better target ads that are more relevant to them, and it's better for advertisers. Because they're getting in front of audiences that matter, it's a really incredibly powerful technology, that's, very simple to set up getting media tailor built in your infrastructure, pretty quick. And really what we're thinking about right now is this is just the beginning.

What we're most excited about is the things that we haven't even thought of yet, and we know that we've got the capabilities to action for see those.

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