How To Fix Gpu Throttling

  • 09-May-2022

Welcome everybody to my YouTube channel today, we'll be taking a look how to avoid our em with your graphics cards from chortling, or at least we'll try to do that. So without any delays, let's get straight to the point first go to your power options in there, the go-to change plan settings of whichever your plan is active currently active power plan. And there are change advanced power options there. You will find an option PCI Express under that link. Stay power management, make sure that. Both these options are turned off.

This means now you will be able to maximize the performance of your graphics chip. And this is the length for that PCI Express. And this was one thing click OK now go to and with your control panel in their go to many 3d settings under global settings, power management mode, ported to prefer, consistent performance click on this option and press apply let me show you guys must be optimal by default. So like this, you can apply this option, consistent options, apply it. Takes a bit of time to configure, hold still, yep, we're, good to go. So after buying these options, my GPU never thought of again earlier it stuck at around 66 to 67 degrees Celsius.

But now it was able to go beyond 75, and the gameplay was smooth all over and that's. What we are here for so. Thank you guys for watching this video, and if you liked, and if this works for you be sure to like and subscribe, and I'll, see you.

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