How To See / Find Whatsapp Backup Data In Google Drive

  • 09-May-2022

Hi, dear friends, welcome back to my channel. And today, in this video I'm going to show you how to find out what's a backup data in Google Drive and how to delete it permanently, actually we use WhatsApp. And in every time we back up our chat in Google Drive, right? But we don't know how to find the types of data from our Google Drive.

So in this video I'm going to show you the tips of process, uh for finding your WhatsApp backup data in Google Drive easily. So before starting the process I'll, ask you. Something that please subscribe my channel and give also like that video so let's start. So first, uh, we just do our chat backup from WhatsApp like this way just go to the chats and then go to the chat backup.

And you can see I have already, uh, one kind of Gmail account, uh, Abdullah bin. Umar, okay. And uh, let me back up my, uh, this file to my Google Drive and the file size, uh will be 3.2 megabyte. So let me back up it first to my this email address. And after that, I will show you how to find the. Types of data from our Google Drive. Okay, so you can see I have just, uh completed my backup, uh at local time, nine to three am.

Okay. So let me just skip it from here. And right now I need to go to the play store and then search your Google Drive or drive, and you will need to update your Google Drive software on your phone. First, okay. So after updating just click on the open option from here and make sure one thing just you the tips of a backing email already login in this Google Drive, okay.

So let. Me check it and just click on that image icon in here, and you can see I have already, uh, my email in here, Abdullah bin Omar, right now in Google Drive, okay. But if you don't get your email address in Google Drive that time you can use add another account, and you can just log in your that types of email, ICO email ID in this Google Drive.

Okay. So after login, your Gmail ID on that Google Drive just make sure again by tapping in here. And then you can see just, uh, I have the same Gmail in Google Drive and. In also WhatsApp, okay.

So after that just get back from here, and you can see, uh in left corner, three line in here, just click on it. And then you can see in here, backups option so click on it. And you can see I have just backup my WhatsApp in here about 9 2, 3 am. But in here, 9 to 4 a.m, okay, so you can see your chat and media, including photos videos, audio and documents are backup on Google Drive.

If you change devices, you can restore them when you reinstall WhatsApp. Okay. So this is your, actually.

Whatsapp backup data in here. So if you want to delete that team just uh click in here, 3.9, and you can see delete backup if you click on it back up of WhatsApp chat and media will be permanently deleted for this number new backup data will be created if backup is still turned on for this number okay. So right now I don't do uh do it?

I mean, I don't delete it because in later, uh that time I will not get it. Okay. So actually in this, uh, Google Drive, you can find your WhatsApp backup data, and you can. Delete it permanently if you want. So this is your WhatsApp backup data. So thank you so much for watching this video.

And if you face against a problem, then please, let me know, I'll, try my best to help you. Thanks.

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