Japinha Conde E Eduardo Costa - Desperdício (Videoclipe Oficial)

  • 09-May-2022

Then you call me at dawn I answer because we go the way Jewish took me it's so cold, not dawn Vanessa Your Angel of the world in heaven, your mouth has Ada after some ice bucket on my whole body burning in Bragg. You won that I never know the entire of love is a waste. It's lack of education. Soho, my heart, your call action, driven by lust, is that material I tell you, yes, but it will hurt more I was going to tell you I didn't know that the delay Costa I talk to you to let you go here. We go for you call. Me at dawn and I learn why I don't like the way you hurt me so crazy, so cold in the dawn passes, I feel like an angel flying in the sky transformed free wings. And then throws a bucket of ice on my entire body, reign em, Embers and wins.

What runs boring laughter? All this love Waste is for my education with my heart. Your call sun turns. The defender was caught throws away all this love I Waste is lack of education o with my heart. Your socket is missing material teacher that making it easier is much. More I would tell you walk, you can more I tell you, yes, but it will hurt. No more if I tell you, no I will never tell you no to you already had it never vi What's up, G1, G1, What's up.

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