Jimmy Swaggart: "The Cross Is The Answer To Sin"

  • 09-May-2022

He has spoken to millions upon millions. He has spoken to you there. Those of you in this place would be dead and in hell tonight, but you met Jesus Christ on this road of life, and he changed you, and you'll never be the same again. And let me tell you something there are millions all over the world, some of them live so far back that there's, no road to where they live in South America or Central America wherever it might be. But this gospel of Jesus Christ through that television camera is going to go. To those that are hungering and crying out to god.

Do you hear what I'm saying let me say it again, they don't know him, but in their heart, which is broken because life has bruised them? They cry out for something to help them. And the lord hears every cry in this world glory to god, and he will move heaven and earth to get the gospel to them. And we've got a book in the office that tells just how many people speak English in every country in the world. And he said, if the door opens go through it now. You didn't hear that if the door opens go through it because there's a soul crying somewhere there's, a broken, heart, that's reaching out there's, a person that's crying.

Oh, god have mercy upon me. They don't know how to pray. They don't understand, but their heart is crying to god. And he said, there's a few in that country who speak English who are saved not many. But a few we get letters from every country, every Muslim country in the world glory to god glory to god. The devil doesn't have them all I. Said, the devil doesn't have them all the devil doesn't have them all the few who are saved will hear it.

Oh, yes, they will watch. They will watch. And he said, they'll, take that message of the cross to others.

And then many who are not saved will start watching and get saved, and they'll start preaching the gospel to their area where they are that's. The reason we go on in every country of the world right now, we're translating into Persian. And that goes into Iran glory to god. I said, glory to god. The. Devil can build a wall, but he can't build a roof because there is no power like the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no authority like the authority of the holy ghost in about 2010.

He said, I'm going to open that door wide glory of the god and that wide open door. It includes every soul out there, that's crying to god that wants the lord that has a broken heart that's bound by the powers of sin bound by the powers of darkness. There is only one thing that can set him free and that's.Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, but he's still, saving he's, still healing, he's still baptizing with the Holy Spirit.

He's still delivering now. Listen, carefully sin is the cause of every problem in the world today. Sin are you listening to me, it's the cause of that mess in Ferguson Missouri it's, the cause of this terrible mess in IR, Iraq, where they're cutting off people's heads, pope's, not right about many things, but he was right about this when he said you can't further your religion, By killing people, I want it understood. The issue is sin. And the only cure the only hope is the cross of Jesus Christ. There is no other hope. No other answer for sin.

Why isn't every preacher preaching? The answer the solution we've got full pits for the thousands telling us what the issue is, but they never say what the hope or the cure is the cure is Jesus Christ and him crucified. The answer is Jesus Christ and him crucified.

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