Mitsubishi Canter - Um Caso Assustador

  • 09-May-2022

We are going to talk about the evolution of work at Mitsubishi. Canter is a model f these. And it means that the nominal voltage is 24 volts that is to say the museums of votes with a single battery.

And there are models with two batteries of the votes that contemplate a nominal voltage of 24 points and I, almost don't even know where to start. Because when we take this service or other similar services, we never know what the result will be our diagnosis or the dimension of the problem. In this case. It is an illustrator of several situations and electrical issues.

The courses are for carriages, and the like and two reasons in this particular case, practically destroyed launching a little in the cabin with the chassis with you in the last video about this van, we pollute the Mitsubishi corporation. We talk to the computer. And we also talk about how Mitsubishi is a factory for us give the electrical diagrams in this car ready is, and you will receive the manual is these. You can stay here. And we. Send it we did We have free management to make it very easy for you to consult your interpretation.

All the flames are mostly in English. We have all kinds of information here, including the incorrect spinal chip technology. And all the use of the component before is center is 77. And one of the conditions that stipulate it with the owner to dedicate to do for us to carry out a service was this I had to have all the official information gathered that was necessary to perform any intervention. Any. Haste in case, otherwise it was impossible to carry out this operation. The proof of this is that the car owner has already run some services to try November years in a somewhat nervous way, create here.

A very big, 31 ready. We are talking for example here on these two sons. And this is the wire that we had seen the in the last video that connect them directly. A fuse in the Nan box is box the fuses in the main fuse box at the bottom at the bottom. This is two children v, then connecting to the headlight.

Switch where the introducer was part, we have these cables for the adjustment of the light cent. And this red yellow was on instead of being the problem, where the obstruction of the passage of electric current was what they did was to make a proof directly to the fuse box to increase new is that it is not even diffused. It is of the year. Sorry, then they increased the fuse that didn't even say, 'I'm, not going there then pass this wire directly to the lighthouse 8.

They managed to pass it there. Together, total, you won't, be able to see it because it is difficult to access. Ok, this is a little weird. So we think the electric one is the original. We managed to know that this plug it would connect is this set of plugs. This selection play here and the size of which the plug is found here located.

So what is that there was a water inlet first, or the destruction caused confusion at the terminals, including all these citizens, even the best breakdown of the electrical installation and who. Doesn't want to stop investing to have eliminated this because it's time. It wasn't a goal that this happened for I, don't know, how long an interim time worsening the situation, and it was that technical unit that caused the melting of the gearbox fuses. A better view, let's say, a more panoramic view of the reality of the thing we had already shared with us. We have here the fuse box completely the artisan. The ends of the art, the subject, I, don't know if it was the same end, but tangentially, it should go.

Down and I have two hats off because I was an artist because on the radio's power plug I can get around here. A point of dough made a braid here. It makes only one is revealed here. And it made a beautiful inversion here. I'm flabbergasted.

We see that this golden terminal was what they made the application to the montage and managed to do some weird things besides that as if this in itself was not a problem, the thing extended to managed to obtain here, the electrical installation of the. Light switch of the stop musicians' work. And its extension continues on the back of the head around inside this van was buried a situation that I think not to share with you is that in the drums spoke the auxiliary that with the painted bonuses of the truck and painted a trail of love on the g77.

We have here a mode, completely destroyed by the concentration of limestone. So the conclusion, and we also have here a sheet that I can't show the face is located here in this area of the part than the. Union of 50 cars will make actions fall ready. And out of that is that my mother of the right bird. We also have here a series of situations completely exploded and completely dignified or set fire at night in the last and more tracks arrives full of confusion. Anyway, this to say, what theoretically when a straight wire is needed in practice, we know the reason could be facing is 11 too much power a consumer or consumes much higher current and causes heating of the end, which its technical.

Characteristics do not allow and also any opposition to the flow of current causes, an overheating of the end we are talking about is for example, in points of mass that are isolated in bad contacts in it is in the oxidation. And in the conclusion of the terminals that make an opposition. It creates a resistance based and take it to the current flow.

We have here a very big problem. It is located in several points. The causes are two inputs. The AGU was the first cause. Then it started to give several.

Failures and solving the origin is the real cause of the issue. They went to invent and do little tricks around here, pulled to the tax law as to paste removing the car looking for technique is something we walk Sean to beat always talking that's. Why we insist that people always preserve being technical because otherwise it's me or anyone else? Another one I'm not going to make it is to carry out a serious diagnosis.

Let's, go with confidence and with 100% certainty, that's. Why I could read the. Schematic the original themes of the van to have access to 100% inclusive information, say, I trust, the go-go the point x 1 dot, z to dot binds you here. Live accumulated emphasis of we can x of section x, satin characteristic, and I did that is to work with a high level of uncertainty with a high level of confidence.

And any top action has to be done this way. This is how we work. We I personally, can't work in any other way of work.

Many people don't even have the option to assemble the size and walk is. To research these situations all to make measurements, it takes technical knowledge to make this type of ammunition to make calculations of electrons that intensity report happening with wire. The people we get wood and know if the values are within, what would be expected or not because this is an s. The situation gets worse, they practically destroyed the entire electrical installation with this joke, and it could have caused a fire. And the total destruction of the vehicle I'm. Recording.

This is very. Serious in most cases, the people used do nothing against the people who performed this type of service. Unfortunately, we live in a new culture like that. And it is and also the people themselves are often, at least they want to annoy.

It is spontaneous. But the damage is there I, personally will still study very well, how I am going to do the thing because in this electrical installation, it is very difficult to getting a new installation for which Mitsubishi very has no delivery deadline is extremely. Expensive it costs more than two thousand euros to add. The vat is not an option. The owner will not invest in it. We the situation of the terminals we will do a cleaning through ultrasound to the terminals, at the end of the cleaning, We measure the resistance of the people to verify that they buy the factory standards. Regarding the cars that are damaged.

We will replace them in all their extension, and the like do everything that has to be done so that the problem is solved. Now yes, once again, with. This issue that saves the ARN integrated range of the vector for the general boards. It was out of battery.

They removed all kinds of paint that is already in the ovens we are going to replace positive Toni, not even for the mass points that were painted all. These are oppositions to the natural flow of electric current that create overheating failure in cars, sporadic malfunctions, and the like, and that type of the years so, gentlemen, once again, you, before deciding to whom to deliver the finished. Work or even the maintenance and repair work of your vehicles, think carefully because there is no decision that leads you to take it lightly because these things happen are not so am we are proved. I take the fighters. Meanwhile, at least they are always the garage arrives here.

And it is one of the worst with others. But in the end who pays the bill is always the owner of the car that despite having paid and has been very poorly. Served is having an almost irreparable bath in this car or Caesar. Anyway, they are corporation sent in situations let's say, mayors would replace the electrical installation. And the problem would be solved that's not possible. The customer won't do that. And also, even if they wanted Mitsubishi doesn't have an estimated delivery deadline it's when it arrives I don't, even care delivery forecast for the electrical installation is complicated.

This type of car supplying parts and after-sales service is a path is difficult. China is already this I don't have much more to. Add about this case, it will be a lot of work for many hours. Already we have here many hours of the day. We were the only situation we could find to solve the problem.

Well. And the first we have here, the original manual, everything a tool so essential, and that makes all the difference for us to do all kinds of work, even the simplest, according to the manufacturer's recommendations otherwise, no one can work in this pattern. We have a 4-aeroplane here now I will share it with you. We have the rear.

Differential here we have the transmissions here, I'm still going to talk to customers about the version. The same is intended if cleaning Ana the application here in the transmissions is a fiction, if you want to replace falls it's 60. And we here have the new original differential. We first still have to know what to conclude you want to do in the face of this situation.

However, we will do your will in that case despite mounting the rear differential screws, 9 was these transmissions were the most. Difficult I have ever assembled in my life. It was very, very complicated, because they and climbing with many leaks for a long time. The differential is destroyed and g1's head over time also got destroyed and will likely become that people already generate not only me honestly, it was very, very complicated to dismantle unscrew. The transmissions are that at this stage, it is a very general way, listen to share with you.

We are going to replace the same mental. We will deal with this part here. And as soon. As we have news about rice actively here is what I'm going to share with you there's, not much more to go on. I will be able to all of you. If you don't record any video until Thursday, the cold front, mom is cold, make the best of what you could solve already know if you need to talk to us nor honey on our site.

And we give 11 points. There was point pt are to our contacts to talk to us about the voice problem. Carlos is as far as possible. We are willing to play not in situations that look I have a.

Problem, but this one we don't do shipyards, we also don't manage to keep things that we can't finish on the ground in a real context in official context. Real case is and forget it size ask us. Questions, job, Clio, gauche Jackson the album kg flight depends on everyone operating one thing to buy something else you can by using the car. It can be very reliable, but having a bad corporate history and a bad one maintenance history.

And that makes Sofia unfeasible, mobility is, etc., etc., etc., etc. I, ask some. Coherent questions, damn, there is a issue. So when can you make a diagnosis with a spoon knots, q?

What are the faults in the diagnoses? How is it processed? How is it that works? And yes, they are answers that I can use with all the guarantee for sure. Now the rest is all guesswork, including, for example, the recommendation is that we recommend what type of brand cavalry oil.

We recommend for the car to look to see how to twist it y, but gentlemen, The authority is that I have to recommend the brand ab. Or c none, this is a competence of the manufacturer, neither I nor NEN, um technician, no engineer is apart from the manufacturer has this competence. The manufacturer is the one that at the end of the standard, the suppliers manufacturers of lubricating products times I bought and have to send to the respective manufacturers interest in their approval and are Eastwood fine. The standards are in and the brands who define this is the manufacturer it's, not me.

That's the case I'll answer is that the. Brand commends, the brand x with norm, y that you must comply with and always follow the manufacturer's recommendation. It has no technical credibility. It has no technical consistency. No, it has any scientific basis. Any basis in engineering, 0 always follow the knife recommendations.

The manufacturer's recommendations want to save a lot of money and will keep nothing firm. Please, mothers. Your cars gentlemen, I'm going to have a terrible lunch. Everyone a big hug and see you in the next video.

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