My Internship Return Offer... (Software Engineering)

  • 09-May-2022

Hey, guys, I have some news to tell you guys from my return offer my previous internship that I was talking about in my last uh previous video. And you know, I was really waiting for it. And now I know, um, I all right, I got the offer, but not only that I'm also in the interview process with twitch Amazon and Facebook, Facebook, good job. I mean, there's a high chance I probably won't pass the interview, uh, but you know, I got the interview right, that's, that's, all that matters. I'm cool. Now I'm cool for the.

Actual two offers I got, I actually already announced them in my live stream last week. So before I talk about the details of the offers the interview process and how I apply to internships I'll, just roll the clip where I show the offers, you know, a lot of people have been asking me. I saw in the comments on YouTube what's happening with my offers. What salaries am I getting paid.

So I thought I would show you guys right here right now, actually, it says, private and confidential. Hr, if you're watching. This I'm, sorry, please. It was just a joke.

I just wanted to be funny. You know, this I need the job. I require the job. Please. It should be fine. So I'll go into the details of my offers I got. But before that, 80 percent of you guys are not subscribed, please subscribe, because if I lose my offers I'm going to have to become a full-time YouTuber and twitch streamer, which is actually perfectly fine with me in my previous video.

I was talking about waiting for my internship return offer from Cisco where I interned. This summer with the California team, and my salary was 45 an hour with a 7.5 k sign on bonus. Now, this is a far cry from my first internship, where I got 21 an hour, and I actually had to work a bit harder during that one. Now, keep in mind all these numbers are in Canadian dollars for the return offer.

I just got they offer me, 50 bucks an hour with a 10k sign on bonus. But I chose to go in a different team also in Cisco. And this position will be in Austin, Texas, instead, which paid the same as I had. Previously now, the pay is a bit lower because it's not in California, but I still took it anyway, because I wanted to try a different role. This one will be in back and java.

Instead of front end with angular. And also I get to live in Austin, Texas, where it's like a million degrees in the summer and there's high crime rate against Asian. People, wait a minute. No, I don't know if that's true. But seriously, there are some content creators down there who I would love to meet now I probably could have.

Negotiated the salary a bit more because I did very well during the internship, which I'll talk about in another video, but it's, not like I absolutely need the extra few thousand bucks anyway, right for the interview process there were three rounds. The first one was an online assessment, which consisted of like two lead code, easy, medium level, questions, then an hour of technical interview where I didn't have to code. But I had to answer some technical questions related to for example, like references. In java objects, and then the last round was with the hiring manager where we kind of just went through my resume.

So overall it wasn't that bad. It was actually pretty easy. And I think I got pretty lucky because I didn't have to live code. Coinbase was a bit harder. There was also three rounds the first one being an online assessment as well with two lethal type questions about medium difficulty, but definitely harder than the ones at Cisco.

And to be honest, I almost didn't complete it for. Those of you who watch my streams, you know, I'm, not the best at lead codes. Okay, given integer array numbers. Turn the triplets. Okay. Let me think holy you. This has to work. Oh, let's. Go. Okay. Okay.

We're going to submit. The are there any edge? Cases? Edge cases, no watch. This , submit loading.

Oh, my god that was this . Then it was a recruiter phone call for 30 minutes where I went over my experience. And I had to choose if I wanted front end back end or a mobile position.

And depending on which one I decided the final interview would have been different. I actually did this phone call interview while I was traveling. I went with my friend Singh and Philip from my previous video to Toronto and tried to apply for fang jobs like in real life with paper resumes. We live stream the whole thing, so it'll be my next video. I think it'll be pretty fun so look out for that. So even though I wanted back end, I ended up picking front end because I felt more confident in those skills. And then during the final interview, I had to code up a user interface, they gave me, and I can't exactly say what it was, but I had to use a combination of react, HTML and CSS.

It wasn't that complicated. But I hadn't used React in a while. So I had to practice for a few days just to refresh my memory.

So you know if you ever feel like you forget things, you learn really fast. Don't worry about it, because chances are you'll be able to pick it back up pretty fast since you already learned it before for the. Coinbase offer itself. It was 50 bucks an hour with no bonuses. So technically it's less than the Cisco offer. But I do know that the full-time offer at Coinbase is perfect.

So I'll, see which internship, I prefer and then choose my full-time return company. And who knows maybe it'll be another company, maybe it'll be it'll, be no company, and I'll be a full-time YouTuber by the time I graduate, which means I'll be working for Google tip on job applications apart from directly applying to company. Websites, I found that setting up job alerts on LinkedIn to be super helpful.

You can set up alerts with keywords for the positions you're looking for and LinkedIn will send you emails when the job positions are listed, so they're, not always relevant, but I found them to be pretty good reminders overall, and it's, actually through these that I apply to Cisco and Coinbase all right. So I felt like this video was pretty information. Packed. I talked too much. I should just shut up honestly. But before I shut. Up, I want to let you know that I will be in a debate about artificial intelligence on Pluralsight's live stream.

On wednesday, september 29th, I'll be arguing for AI. And I think it'll be pretty funny because I'm, basically a troll, and I'm arguing with someone who's like pretty serious. So you'll, see what happens, but you can go vote for me to win after the broadcast is done, and actually I'm not sure what I'll win. But check out the link in the description for more information, and I'll announce on my. Twitter when the voting begins so follow me there? Anyway, I hope this video was useful.

I think my next video will be, uh, very fun. So I'll, see you then, or I'll, see you on Sunday during my live streams on twitch and either way? Um, yeah, that's pretty much it, actually. Goodbye.

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