Neji Vs Hinata, Jonins Stop Neji From Killing Hinata, The Byakugan Showdown

  • 07-May-2022

Rel, Aristocrats, I'm, sorry, Max., You're. The only one who can heal your wounds with good momentum. If. You hit it, it's, dangerous, right away, And then to another person, it's, the same when you hit the Meiji era., It's, a clan, it's, not a brother, So what kind of relationship is it? Mr. Moderate is the total of Hugh. Hunting. .

It seems that Hugh alone has set the rules to go, but it's a fateful confrontation, So please start the game. I, can't, refuse, I want to change the shameful part, and Pinata. Will be under me from now on. I think, so, after all, you're Jamaican, a sect family,., Because, people, can't, change, everyone's face and headless elements.

I really want to escape from this place. Right now. My eyes are a sign that I can't.

Let you go I. Remember my experiences, It's, a painful past Imagine, physical and mental pain. Well, The act of holding an arm in front of the body is a gesture that complains that I do not want to step into my true. Feelings. You can definitely buy a skewer of a. Defense, book., Yeah, it's, a burger that decides on people.

It's, a little good., I, don't want to bend it. It. S, good, it.

S, good, it. S, just like a screw half, ago., Probably, the strongest man, because of this tooth., With, good points, Physically, the chakras in the enemy's body, such as fractures and foreign phases, are damaged. And the clan is a clan. If. You eat any kind of glasses, You will be fatally injured. As.

Furthermore, you can see, The whole village system is intimately intertwined with the internal organs. That knead the chakras in the body. The, the biggest enemy, then it's, a bite. How. Do you attack the meridians in the body? ?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Chakra directly damages.

The meridian system of the pooh. Yeah, ah. Ah, ah, parfait. Questionnaire. Basso. Shin.

Lunch reason There is nothing more than called a genius since the beginning It is said to erase the chakras from 361 sub or more. Accurately poke the acupoints, etc. Stop, the flow of the opponent's chakras, Heine car. Hinata-Sama This is the difference in. Power that cannot be changed., Rich, prefecture, Shirt Uh, This is going to run away. Because it's.

A person me It's, very similar to you that it was such a great guy called Pinata. 4Th place. Nobody's meridian I should rush in. I, completely stopped the flow of the Pinata chakra. To, be clear, even assume at home can't be a partner, I've been watching you all the way to the south side. The, Why, kana, boon, tar I, don't know why, but I. Can't lose to the downturn, etc.

I'm, looking at the check., Well, I feel. Like I'm going to increase my mind and try my best. Book, Lager, I know, best that I ended up crazy, together., Yamaha, Ana, You're, a stranger, I haven't, heard your attacks from the beginning. Today's game is impossible and dyed 2. Yeah.

Yeah, yeah. Finally, look at me. Eh? Why? Now is the season?

Ah, ah, ah, The, Lord carried, the right destiny. When you were born. Ah, You don't have to suffer, it's, different., It's, different. It's the name of what you can see.

I'll handle. It What kind of IKEA I, put in IKEA I'm. Okay, I bought a little The, fallout isn't defeating. The genius with the power of power, I mean, The main student It's, a window.

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