Okami Hd - E72 - "Himiko's Sacrifice And The New Water Dragon!"

  • 15-Mar-2022

Hey, everyone and welcome back to Okapi HD, where man there is a total turn of events we're going to finish you off right here. Yeah. Come at me. Evil, Ran got nothing on me. Wow, I was really not expecting that. Oh, wow. The evil Ran is literally Wow, and she's also.

Okay. I wonder, I have to do this I have to do this for posterity sick out. Okay. Stop. Stop.

Ow. Man, I've got terrible. Timing, oh, come on there.

We go haha actually works. Okay. I really can't believe that actually works. Okay.

Now it's time to do serious. Fighting because I, around way, too much. And now it's time to have okay, if I can actually hit from over there. Okay, I time that terrible I think I've got somewhat okay. So it looks like it. Doesn't matter where you hid from, oh, wow, that's, a really fast attack. Okay, we're about half health to half health so that's about normal.

Okay. So it looks like that only lasts for a little of time, good to know, I, didn't know that, and I didn't see her charging that up. Okay and I got that one finally, I. Actually got that attack? Okay, it took a lot of damage again, just try and slash you. Okay, I can't reach all over there. Okay, got you?

Aha. See I got you evil? Ran huzzah, give me that there we go. Okay, we have her.

Now a let's finish off that Fox, headed wench copies. Let me guess Fox rod power or something yeah, could be a problem. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, nine tails, well, that's. So scary ignorant. Fools. Do you really think it would be that?

Easy? I have powers beyond belief here is but. A taste of what the Dark Lord can do what destroy everything. Huh?

Petty deity is only the size of this room that saved you. It is far too small for me to unleash my true fury. However, resistance is futile for your last remaining hope is gone. I shall now return to only Ireland and rally my dark forces, then we'll go forth and crush all who stand against the darkness. Really, ah, ha, ha, ha, Mikey's, dead, their vows, evil or there's, an evil route or Fox lady, she's got nine tails. She's a fox. Oh boy, I'm at Arras.

Who had allowed the Dark Lord to slip away display of evil sent chills down the wolf spine Amaterasu? And he soon were left to wallow in overwhelming sadness, Mike had remained steadfast in her quest to find only island in the end. She lost her life at the hands of the Dark Lord with the McCune with Yumiko died with Yumiko died, dead all clues to the location of On Island, Amaterasu and East soon were left with an with nary, a shred of hope giving up on their quest seemed. The only option was. There actually a typo in this game, wow, that's when they noticed that the blood kicked crystal ball, spewed forth by the Dark Lord, clearly displayed an image of a Mike. This game just goes from light-hearted and stupid to dark, dark, dark, dark. You're soon doubting his eyes, listened intently as Yumiko began speaking human Co. She explained that only Island would not be easy to find and that she had determined to become the serial and enter the Crystal herself in search of clues.

She had allowed. Herself to be consumed in order to use the Dark Lord's power. She was also aware that the Dark Lord now possessed the Fox Trot all was and a Mike's will infuse the crystal ball with great power. The fortress housing, the dark forces materialized only island appears only at sunset in a certain location. The place revealed by the crystal ball was none other than a spot just off the northwest shore of Rio shimmer Coast near the spot known as watch escape. Only Island would appear again and wash escape.

At the next sunset, a small glimmer of hope return to our hero's hearts, just as the image of money Island faded from the crystal a deep crack appeared in split Tamika's image. She had paid the ultimate price for manipulating the dark power. The crystal itself had been spent the destiny of a Mike's very soul had been inextricably intertwined with that of the crystal ball, a burst of blinding light heralded. The crystals demise Mike saw was caught up in the shattered fragments and drifted serenely.

Towards the heavens above, even as she prayed fervently for Amaterasu safe passage. Wow. She was really a brave. Once I did terrible in that fight Wow. That was rough I'm, terrible, boss fights a, the sun's going to set soon On Islands going to disappear that revelation Yumiko risked our life to tell us, whatever we do we can't let it go to waste who cares if we can't break the bear and On Island let's, make a beeline for Watchers Cape.

Abbey, yeah, I got it. Don't worry, bud, I've, been there. Let me go it can't. Be I can't believe that ah, that's just frustrating to me, I mean, and I saw it coming too it wasn't like it was something that came out of nowhere? But at the same time, I wasn't expecting it in that way, good job, no calming.

You threw me for a loop, big time, it's this one. Now, okay, we got this far into here as possible. Why am I losing health, I, shouldn't, be okay?

Well, um, Wow. Wow. I.

Guess now is not the time to explore video show me either, so I'm guessing, Fox head is not going to be the final boss or evil. Vow, whatever you want to call her it's, not going to be, hey, the sun's gonna set if you don't get the lead out let's make the beeline for Watchers Kate. Something small tells me that we are not going to own a head around back see what's going on over here. If anything has changed does anything changed back here, other than a giant arch like water. Anything back here, I want to water something. Well, I guess, we got a head to Watchers cake I'm guessing.

We won't be able to do any fast traveling because this. Game really loves to do that as soon as that stops. Okay, hey. How did you get shut it? Oh, that beautiful missus special powers.

You know enough to drive even us guards to distraction. Yeah, whatever we got to get there right now, ooh. But what there's a climbing thing over here, I get distracted way, too easily. It's, not even funny.

Okay. So cat gods where art thou there. They are. Okay. Up.

You go. That was a really straight line. There see I know, there's this bunch of really important stuff, but I there's.Also, other significant stuff to do, oh so only goes the height that you go here, cool good to know, actually, I need to get a better view. There we go, but it looks like we don't have to be exactly on it.

Okay? Well, then we go wherever we aren't, hey, the sun's going to set let's make a beeline for Watchers. You've got to be kidding. Me. Oh, I should have come in here. First well, down off the watchtower.

We go all along the watchtower is not what we're going to get to do right now. Well, let's hope we can use the. Mermaid coin just teleport over two nor three, oh sure my real quick and go head into the Fox because yeah, I got a vent to the Queen. I mean, she was fighting and fighting and fighting. And she doesn't I don't, even know if she even put up a fight, she made me really sad if she didn't and something tells for some reason I have a much easier time, fighting giant monsters and I do hold on a sec.

A are you nuts? Is the time to be messing with are you seriously soon I would be going so much faster. I have a. Much easier time fighting giant beasts than I have with fighting small. I mean, I have a much easier where am I going I have a much easier time fighting giant beasts than I.

Do then I do when I'm fighting a small human at enemy, like walk always gives me trouble and plays. Well, I should figure out how to fight in this game. Better maybe claves are the way to go against seriously, exit options.

Please, how do I how? Well here it is. Now it'd be a lot easier if I knew how to navigate this place, a little.

Better, oh, it's, Ran's, post, no more will it be filled with the cries of crazy? Anyway, keep on running keep on running Amy, it's, amazing because I, honestly, every single time I'm going to end an episode it's like now do one more. And then something big happens and I can't. Stop.

If Is just can't. I, can't, bring myself to stop I. Don't want to stop can't.

Stop won't, stop, and it's kind of crazy. Hey, friends. What are you all upset about? Hey, guys, I have enough time to have a conversation. There is the dainty. Samurai or whatever he called himself thing, musics, nice, right now, it's, a nice, let me through how long haven't you get in the city.

Security is so tight. No one should get through I just posed on to where about a dog. You look far too cute to be a demon in disguise anyway. So they must have locked down the city when they found out something happens, Oh. What because I got into the city by yeah, totally cheating. I break this nope in this way. So we've already been to the Watchers cape that's the thing.

So. We're going there again, oh, so it must be the reason why I let me do anything is that since it has the random spawning of money Island, I'm guessing, they don't want me sitting here and redoing day night day, night, DOH day night until we find it see important things. We got some help back you obtained, a bead so probably sleep and get our health back, but Seasons going to yell at me if I do that that's such a soon - such a pain. Okay, boom.

Up. We go. Hello. Cats.

Let's, just jump up the wall. There we go so another treasure chest, see, this is obviously more significant than whatever is going on - I thought, I got it. You obtained dog statue, which at one of the 13 zodiac, rivers, he looks at very little oil, local. Okay.

So we got to use that whirlpool thing, hopefully that yeah, I know, hopefully what's-her-face will Oh - he may well, meet me here nighttime. Already that means On Islands has vanished in the waters. We'll all be able to find it again. Huh, should slap myself a big negative I'm. A.

Complete idiot times too precious to waits that revelation. So because I spent my time dawdling and doing everything else we ran out of time. So it is bound to a nighttime cycle.

Huh? Who'd have thunk. But luckily, it still kept everything I made.

Oh, we were able to jump out of the water. I did not know I could do that that was the worst line I've ever drawn. But it'll work let's just go up the wall. I think spamming is the fastest way to go up the wall. And now let's run. So I slowed down when I was.

Running no I think I was just running straight at it. And then it stopped me for reasons unknown other than running out of time. You think I'm stuck in an endless cycle of running out of time. If it just reloads me at the point because to put some, oh there's, o2 MA hiya, babe how'd you ever find this place, Hi sense Queen, amigos, fathomless regrets upon her last breath, it's made its way to a distant hall of the dragon palace. Oh, it did behold the Sun even now it sinks down beyond the sea once it is gone. So. Too shall only islands disappear.

No one knows where it will appear next and no arts. No supporters can divine its location that may be true. But listen, it really doesn't matter because.

We can't break the barrier. I mean, the water dragon was our only hope and it's dead. Now the water dragon is not dead in the true sense, the wood I can harness its power with a sincere prayer to the dragon orb behold, Amaterasu Iowa. He me of the dragon ins shall transform into a dragon and break through the wall that. Divides may I serve you as a divine bridge to the heavens. So now we're losing to Queens, can they turn back from Dragon? This game has gone dark again, oh it's got earrings and that's, not a pretty creature.

This is a water dragon Wow. It is crazy now that there's a water dragon, ah, but that doesn't feel good. Oh, well, we have to cross the bridge now, I'm a Taurus, ooh, no, but you're I'll. See you must cross one life, get courses through these veins, Oh No, well, we're going to cross next time. See you guys that bye.

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