Pleasure (Official Red Band Trailer) The Popcorn Junkies Reaction

  • 18-Mar-2022

It's jumper's, very 80s, isn't it. Hey, this jumper is very 80s. Style, she's very 80s, is it nice thinking? Like you've got a girlfriend from the 80s? Yeah, it is.

Yeah. I like the Fellini from the 80s, um, I don't know how to even introduce what this film is, oh god, it's called pleasure. Oh, no, it's.

A Swedish French Dutch film. I think, oh god. It sounds like it's kind of sex in it. It might do, um, and it's, a warts and all about a terrible use of a fresh. This is getting worse by the second do I have to watch this. Well it was at the sun dance film festival.

Oh, right exactly could it be? Could it be? Well? Anyway, it's tries to throw a magnifying glass over warts no over the porn industry. Oh, okay. So it's it.

But it's from the perspective of a young woman, uh, who goes from Sweden, uh to L.A. to enter the porn industry. I mean, you know, it's quite well, traversed territory. If you think of boogie nights and stuff like that, you know, been many films about this, and it's its, whether it walks the line or actually it's. Just another way to give everybody a tease, or whether it is really looking and doing something important, well and therein lies, I think the success or not of this trailer.

Thank you it's, an official red band trailer, which suggests it could be a little just thinking back, yeah, to one of my favorite films for showing us the horror of sex and how it can go wrong. Yes, domination and rape and abuse without ever showing us a single frame of it. And what film was that, oh, uh, promising young woman was. That someone who was called promised by a female director, yeah, and he didn't see anything gratuitous, and it scared. The hell up out of us repulsed us in all the ways it should do without anyone having to be titivated by it.

Yeah, you're, right. I think this is directed by the woman she made a short film about this in 2013. So this is a build-up to a feature she's turned into a feature film, um, my god, you look just like the guy from up. Okay?

Can you see without them as long as I have to read all right?. Okay, let's see if I don't know if it's subtitled or not picture's up, are you ready? Yep, action, hi there, hi. What is your date of birth? 27Th of April 1999.?

Do you know what you're here for yes, go ahead? Tell us about yourself. I want to be the best no not the leg, no, the foot and open the knee, all right elbows like this. And then for the butt shot, guys, look at you. You got a little butt on you are you ready to make a banana happy?

Oh, my god, he's. The natural just give me a little tap. And that means like. Chill out, yeah, she definitely can't have you. I found my niece like I'm very submissive. Oh, the wine goes into the bed. All the time I'm going to take over this don't.

You want to see anything else in la, besides a porn set. No, what really drew you out here. This is a long way from home. Hello him I'm just out here, because I want to . This is your life. You spoke without agent you're, the one in charge.

What if I would do it for free? And when you really want something you can do anything. Everybody's gonna want to be booking you for crazy or increase your . I love being in front of the camera.

I love having people watching me. Look at me, I'm here to be the next big porn star that's intriguing because she's kind of wanting it. Yeah, really wanting it. And really everyone that works in the sex industry. Doesn't want to work in the sex industry.

But then it begs the question does she really want to then we're going to find out hopefully where the up was yeah. What happened? Yeah, She clearly is someone who's willing to keep going to the next level because even other people around her are saying you're going to get booked for worse and worse, stuff, horrific. And I thought it was kind of. Thank god. It didn't show too much I'll tell you, but yeah, it did that very well.

And we've got a sense of it, um it's, really weird. But I could almost I was so distracted because the girl in it is identical to somebody from, um, um. The only way is Chelsea, but do you think it was odd. When she said, don't, you want to see something more than la. And she said, no, no, that's quite funny, but what about. But what about if it's just her quirk, maybe that's what I mean if that's her kink and her kink is to be submissive beyond any kind of not everyone that's got the kink of being submissive or being what's.

The other one, uh vulnerable, no, not the opposite. Everybody is there because they've had something dreadful happen to them, it's, just because that's, what turns them on exactly she's. Arrived from Sweden, wanting to do this. She wants to be the biggest how much does any woman want to do it, but possibly that's, but there's, an awful lot of power in people desiring you in that way, yes, I guess and there's a fame trap and there are different kinds of fame. So I'm quite interested that it's coming from that angle I'm, actually, the fact that we're having this much discussion off the back of this trailer and clearly in the name, the title of the film pleasure it's playing on the double.

Edge sort of double-edged sword of that isn't. It men's pleasure, but is she finding it pleasurable? Is there pleasure for her there's pleasure for her in it? Yeah, there's pleasure for men. So it's, a double it's, a double play. I mean, it's pleasure for a lot of people in it.

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