Previewing The Qb Duel Between Jt Daniels And Dj Uiagalelei | College Football Live

  • 09-May-2022

But we start this afternoon with our college football rankings, brought to you by PlayStation it's, not a huge surprise, defending national champion, Alabama received 47 of the possible 63 votes in the preseason app poll. Five teams received a first place vote, though, including Oklahoma, Clemson, Ohio state and Georgia. It is a jam-packed week. One featuring a record, five ranked match-up starting with Texas.

They begin the Steve Cartesian era against Louisiana. The raging Cajuns don't, forget upset, Iowa state. In last season, beware of take two in the big, ten, Indiana travels to Iowa to face the hawk eyes, the Hoosiers went 6-1 in the conference, the hawk eyes started 0-2 that was before they won six straight to end the year we stay in the big. Ten Wisconsin, hosts Penn State it's, a top 20 matchup. The badgers went 0-3 against ranked teams last season, the Nittany Lions won four straight to round out the season, and then it's number one ranked Alabama facing 14th ranked Miami in Atlanta. This game on ABC, those.

Two schools have not met since the 1993 sugar bowl when the crimson tide won the national title and also on ABC number five, Georgia, number three Clemson. And according to the all-state playoff predictor, this game projected to have the largest impact on the playoff field of any game. This season it's, a top five showdown. And it could come down to the quarterbacks. Georgia, up, JT, Daniels enters the second season under center for the bulldogs he's been responsible for 25 touchdowns between his time in.

Athens and USC and for the Clemson tigers. DJ, UE, Angel enters his sophomore season with the tigers after scoring, nine, total touchdowns a year ago, Del I'll start with you and ask you, quite simply what intrigues you most about that marquee quarterback matchup, well, you know, you look at JT Daniels and what he brings to Georgia's office. I mean, we saw it a year ago.

He didn't play the first six games, but when he did get in there, and he controlled the offense, I mean, he was a completely different offense. When you look at them, they scored eight points more a game with him at the quarterback position, uh, oh, averaged over 100 yards of offense more and what's. More important is they converted at a rate of 53 when before he was playing quarterback. He only converted at a rate of 42.

So he brings experience. He brings knowledge, you know, he's going to be the guy that's going to make sure they're on schedule that they are out of bad plays and getting the good plays he's more than a game manager. Because I love the way that he throws the ball with such accuracy such confidence, I just like what he brings to the offense make sure you pay attention to Georgia with JT Daniels and Del he's, the lesser, talented quarterback in this matchup. Now, talent doesn't, necessarily always breed success. But if you look at DJ, Bengali his skill set, the unique mobility for a guy that's that big he's like Ben, roethlisberger.

I mean, I don't know who else to really compare not Ben roethlisberger of 2021 Del. Ben, Roethlisberger of 10 12 years ago that could run around evade defensive, tackles make guys miss and still drive the ball accurately down the field. And what was amazing about? DJ, UE, Angela last year.

Yes, he played against Boston college. It wasn't, pretty they ended up having to come back in the game. They ended up winning it late in that game.

But what he did the following week with Travis tienne. And a lot of people said, well, what's Clemson going to look like without Travis, tienne Travis, ten. And DJ, Uliangale's second career start had 28 Carey or 28 yards on 18 carries. So that further proves that DJ does not need the benefit of a quality run game to be able to give his team, a chance against top tier competition. We all know that Notre Dame team went on to make the college football playoffs.

So this is a guy that has not played a lot. But in what little he has played he's been extremely impressive and poised. I like the caveat no disrespect to the 2021. Ben, roethlisberger, Greg, but time gets time. Gets to us all it's just a different story. Thanks for watching esp non YouTube for live-streaming, sports and premium content, subscribe to ESPN, plus.

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