Pullman Hgtv Home Town Contest

  • 09-May-2022

Hello, HGTV, Ben and Aaron and everyone in hometown and welcome to Pullman Michigan. The best place on earth next to Laurel, Mississippi, I'm, Lisa and Pullman has been my hometown for a quarter of a century. This is Debbie she's, our town historian hello. Ben.

Hello. Erin. We are studying in my business, pizza, Plus, which has been family owned and operated for 35 years, and we're, a showcase part of my collection of postcards from the area. We would love to show you these photographs and postcards. And all.

This historic memorabilia in person when you come to visit our town, we are very proud of our accomplishments thus far, and we are excited about the direction we're. Headed in should we get started? Yeah.

Okay. Welcome to Pullman Michigan. We might not have a fancy professional video, but we didn't want you to miss out on seeing our deep-rooted commitment to preserving our hometown with a population of just over four thousand lead tone ships is the fastest-growing township in Allegan County. We are. Situated just eight miles from the majestic Lake Michigan, surrounded by six inland waterways, endless blueberry fields acres of Forestry in awe-inspiring natural beauty, which I'm sure is why the 2019 Cond Nast traveler's. National publication pink Southwest Michigan has one of the top 20 places to visit in the world by John Parsons who made his wife, Kate dream of living in a castle.

A reality just across the way on the banks of Laura, Scott Lakes that's, the ice house, one of many seasonal rentals. Homes still in the area Pullman has been a vacation site for Chicagoans and others for decades, which plays an integral role in our economy. Today, folk lore has it that Chicago gangsters came to stay at places like the old Robbins resort, west by's resort and upper Scott Hotel in the 1920s and 30s, the winter, and we really loved it in the summer. The YMCA is Camp Channing was built in 1928 and served as a summer camp for hundreds of inner-city children until it closed in the 1980s after years of. Sitting vacant, it has undergone a recent restoration, breathing new life into it while maintaining its historical charm. Our township invested in a new fire station that has been served by a dedicated volunteer fire department for the last 101 years. Our elementary school built in 1939 is expanded and is filled with creative teachers and hundreds of young minds eager to learn here at pol Minnelli century.

We have Emily and Diana who are going to tell us about the local Pullman library. We are now in. The township library, which is a great place to be. We have books to read. We have computers to work on.

Furthermore, we have puzzles. Furthermore, we have a craft group that means here and a book club, but our financial resources are limited and restoration has been done solely by individual donations. Imagine if we work together to turn this volunteer-run library into an inspiring place to read explore expand and grow our community center is located in the old Congregational Church built in 1889. This is where many of our. Residents were baptized married and came to worship it now offers space for support groups, family celebrations and holiday programs for our community. We've had lots of volunteers who've helped to do some work to the building.

However, the roof still leaks, the floor needs to be replaced. And the paint is paling just to name a few of the projects. We go Brandon's, a third-grader at Pullman, elementary and wants to tell us about his experience at Ravenswood park and I also found this Arrowhead. And my. Brother, Alex would always come home with this big cat. Fishes, this big, he even put a catfish sticker on our cabinets to remind us how much he loved fishing at the dam on Laura Scott, Lakes, that's, Ravenswood Park, which years ago offered a changing room for swimmers and picnic tables and outdoor grills for family gatherings all that is missing now.

But it still offers the best place in town to fish let's spruce it up. Our downtown is marked by a flashing. Yellow light on one of the corners, it's, a. Building that used to be the Sugar Bowl restaurant from the mid 1930s before it became and still is our local watering hole. The Pullman tavern locals come here to share stories. And it won't unwind after a long work week and those passing through town stop for a hot meal and a friendly smile. The other half of the building previously served as our post office was the auto repair shop and the school bus barn.

This cornerstone is in desperate need of a facelift inside and out, hi the corner sets. The. Old gas station with treasures of days gone by and kept safe inside much work is still needed on the exterior of this oil gas station, including a memorial brick walkway. We hope to complete to honor our hometown service me, the old lumberyard, which appears on every old photograph of downtown was recently purchased after decades of sitting vacant and is in need of your expertise to bring it back to life and a hardware store back to Pullman here.

We are in the middle of town railroad track, bisects. The community and we are showing you now, our BMW, six one, three, four, which was the original, and we pan over to the Clark residence, which also served as a community's funeral home back in the 1920s and 30s, my grandfather actually used to set with the data in this building and tell their Barry I would love to move this house back on the lot and restart for a local family to come home. And since my brothers run the house moving company in town, I think, I can the first settlers worked as loggers and.

This is the oldest building on record. This is the original log cabin. It was built in probably 1870 it's, currently the case injure home, and they have begun cleaning up the property, but have been sidelined by some major health issues. We would love to give them a helping hand with this historic gem, hey, hometown.

Thanks for letting us share time to gas up at 62 Chevy, Ben and Aaron. We've got the frame all we need. Now is your water color of our hometown renovation come to Pullman and let's make big. Things happen in our small town.

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