Test: Pedersoli Boarbuster Mark Ii Lever-Action Rifle

  • 09-May-2022

Clinic and dear friends of a shooter, we are 4 Stefano, those thresholds, location and ball group. Splendid shooting range in the Brescia area in the middle of the mountains to test a product that is now almost a most of your production, very famous cilia live in its latest version. We can define the mission as the upgrade or an alternative version of the blockbuster. But if this is the latest addition to the core master family, a weapon that embodies a whole series of improvements, or if we want.

Innovations from a technological point of view, aimed precisely at making the '' hunting activity of recuperates in general, the most simplified and possible. We are talking about to mar due medium of the election in caliber, 45 70. In this case, it is 40 ICI that highlights what the difference from love is enough. For example, what we have seen with the gamut line finish orange then first, the finish here in this bronzed cooler because so many metal parts are covered with one special ceramic-. Based paint and era feathers with a paint that obviously gives a rifle an important characteristic that of being anti-scratch very resistant to wear the stock, which is made of American walnut like the bur buster is covered with the soft. Touch film is present an adjustment this to be able to adapt let's say, the setting of the weapon both to the open sights that has a modern aiming system as the caliber and the 45 70 were born. Gradually.

It must be said that we have now also introduced the 444. Marley, therefore, in fact, both fields will be calibers will be available. The aiming attachment is integrated on a base, a river of basins as in the previous for buster very significant thing. We have created this new china, which has a double mounting ramp of the aiming attachment.

This means that the notch can be mounted at will by the operator, either 20 centimeters or four centimeters from the receiver, Not all eyes are the same and not all require because we know that the more the years increase. The more the increase to the superpower to look enhances it exactly that we are prepared for everything also we went to replace the fiber optic insert with a special paint called super nova a paint that has the power to capture ambient light and therefore becomes extremely valid in low light situations. And therefore both a viewfinder insert. And my berry represent these new ones ended up here perfect, especially both for the recuperate. But also for the tracker that through you are behind the. Dogs arrives where to shoot at a standstill in the middle of the bush, you need to have the best camera possibility of viewing even all the right aiming organs exactly after which the quality is that of our board, just the action frame made from solid to forging action, shotgun barrel, burnt rifled by burning all the mechanics made from full or firing pin and mechanical safety on the dog. So I can move quietly with the dog and the cartridge in the chamber, the dog in midpoint.

And there in front, the. Dog has struck the safety engaged alarms, even if it should take the dog accidentally I never have weapons. Let you try it.

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