The Hen That Laid A Golden Egg |Anvithas Moral Stories | Moral Lesson

  • 07-May-2022

Hi kids, I am Anita. And today I want to tell you the story, the hen and the golden egg. So let's get started once upon time. They lived an old man who was very, very greedy.

He was quite rich and knew no want. He had a very beautiful hand that laid a golden egg daily. These eggs made him very, very rich. But his hunger for money was never satisfied. He was always thinking of having more and more money. He wanted to be one of the richest men in the world. The old man's wife was a noble lady.

She hated her. Husband habit of hankering afterwards, he always requested him to give up greed and be a good man. But the man did not care for the heritage quiz at all. So he went on with his activities. He had only one aim before his eyes, and that was to amongst more and more wealth.

It was a mid-winter. And the day was freezing. Our chilly wind was blowing. The old man was sunbathing in his compound on his house.

Suddenly an idea flashed across his mind. He said, my hand lays a golden egg daily. It must have a.

Large number of eggs in its body, why shouldn't I get them all at once surely be one of the richest man in the world thinking? So the old man went inside the house and bought a sharp knife. Then he caught his hand in his left hand and cut it out open. But alas, there were no golden eggs inside. There was nothing but blood and bones.

Now the old man realized his feeling he was extremely sorry to lose his beautiful hand. He felt very small and hung his head into him. Let's. Look at the mortals. The story.

Greed is a curse. Thanks for watching guys, bye like share and subscribe.

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