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  • 09-May-2022

Well, my name is always buckles. I was born innovate the relationship with the language. I hear about a big thing is a bit double. And I Mirabeau in Irish city, chips raised him one in Dutch and that she then thought because the was with me. I have on the direct actually learn to love.

Boy hit be color wash. And In other children their u direct. And I know, I can there in the doctor came and that Timmy be tired of mom. I can in the burp couple in the two three here feathers. And from that moment, I am. Still more and immediately crammed, and I am going to study HBO study actually it was when I immediately say, brighten it up a bit.

But this has actually come back through the music. You can play more and more music directly. And on that way, I actually have groin area back at home say and well, the went on like this can also regularly use where I go to cairns who would rather download speed safe. Those days Jan care for is better to detective in a wet to huge that worksheet in Dutch. And at the ready. Five and two times kale caught her in we turn around to them and men recognize count in the shapes streamers. And she became that they bring you start it anyway, director from streets and my grandparents, as if again underwear speed, and this speed, eastern, not clear such and an English mi6, you are a floor music and a nice bang to leak and artists use the worked.

But I came like a lot of people. I think normal wash own and had a great impact by joining and later, skin u, Drenthe, Danilo. When I first. Actually live the music what I loved was fiery in more in language and with it happens than addresses, and I'll get you there again. A beautiful woman was a tram between they are also one or loafers white surface. Ten drips on most air, however, like a bomb with that music. You are so crazy about it that it becomes a slender language.

And that was great. Ch, we a. JA, the app moment in my life together that digital or serious to take your way. And also by further wanted more, we are also in musical take. I just have a very long time as a musician and producer on connects news of my own business that the in chronic low sax variant say made music. And at the moment I am under the can Ron of asked him youth room. Thorn. I am making musician again, ok, we are direct.

And I come pink Indian retype, each other and scream when nails and yes, I go MIA. His is a party to, oh look my language. At ten minutes, we stood still look at him and the first amazing music. And why do they take to the big impact Amie there?. Would be a spray Musgrove on DTV. Richest thumbs up on music was not done. What faith is not done to resist what first poor music in my own language.

So I that island summers have impact oil and read more live. There is a superuser when I kick you and nice pro user. And he labels white fine gem, AAT in been en die. There Los action very en of Groningen and Victor 40 in Belgium. The player u again became stop for maybe two years ago. And now out crme Mar, charlie fans, but soft drinks again, come together.

Again was far now men Mary and we, white Samsung, stay between van and great to use main view. So , you hard to make music in me. And what I sacrificed for be for the future for low sax. Yes, there is a Limburg is so language will always change and develop like an awl.

And I only think that way he doesn't get in the way of that development, the two exactly in it. I think only a few that way site chance to survive with. I hope it just stays standing.

Furthermore, I also think it's, not so much the band people who. Are very negative about the future. I myself am not as negative as I. Am I am coming at the moment.

How many young artists are now using drugs in the Low Saxon language, not so negative I program, mobile hang dialect festival. We will have a festival in hellendoorn. And after she watched this your piano 2018 live, we will have our twelfth edition in hellendoorn on June 22.

And if you how many young artists I can book my convenience for such a festival programming swimming, then I am not so negative. Actually.

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