The Reason Why Hit Lost To Monaka - Depression & Suicide Theory

  • 07-May-2022

Hit the universal assassin, the best assassin a number six and the team Champ's, ace in the universal tournament. Now hit is a character wrapped in mystery. We do know for a fact that he is over 1,000 years old. And it is, oddly enough, a character that gets a lot of spotlights at the end of the Champ arc of the universal tournament.

And he is one of the catalysts that goes for the most character growth in this particular arc. Now when we foresee hit, he is essentially incredibly bored. He doesn't really. Even pay attention to many of the proceedings. He just sits quietly and in on his couch, and you know what his eyes being closed very rarely.

We get to see he's doing something. And when we first saw him do something was when Frost, why did you steal the cube and go back to universe, 6 or just escape into another universe with the weather videos is cube and that's what we saw hit'em restraining frost now that's. What I was he sent me because he himself wanted the cube for his own Paulo position for his. Own balls, but um, throughout the course of his fight. We go. We see hit change. Furthermore, we see himself improved, and we see more about him as a character and what his personality is.

And because through Roku, he could reach a new level. Now only what is Toyota Bash, but I get the thing that in his a life. Also, if you were after, he threw the fight with Malacca and that's, a think symbolism for something and I will get you it. Um, we do see him. I mean, he knew fully well, the consequences that will follow that. He.

Will have to face the wrath of Champ because a team lost, but from the course of his fight, he improves himself when I have a sighted Roku. He improves himself, and he finds a new meaning in life. And before videos included hit I think that hidden only suffered from depression. But also he had thoughts of suicide. And there are a couple of this is just a tea, but it might make sense if Oriya wants to go for a darker route because I am a certain that we will see hit in the future of Dragon.

Ball, super the future arcs because hit is perfect to have a counter for Oriya. Not you bring back at some point in the future hit is , awesome. Nonetheless, we know for a fact that when Carry's went to recruit him hit once the universal cube for transport. Now at first I thought that you know him being an assassin, he just wants to go and see what the other universe is offered. But again, I thought about it like, wow, it gives over 2,000 years old. And he says in his fight would go when he.

Progresses with his talkative, Fish with his time, stuff I, never even thought I could improve you talking about she because there was never any need. Now what I understand by this is that he is out rich, where do you reign supreme? And in his realm in the realm of mortals, if you will, it has nothing god. And because of that, I mean, the only beings in universe is that we know that are above and universes, I'm, not talking and universes as a whole like we see a Zeno at the end of episode 40 I'm, just. Talking about Champ, Champ and Dado's I, honestly hit with his improvement Tkaid, but she can take now Sheila and certainly nevertheless. So at that point, maybe he fathers I'm going to go visit other universes to alleviate my boredom and see what the other universes have to offer to me since hit I think that he saw Roku, and he saw himself in him or rather his a half self, his younger self because a hit, um in a daily life situation. Hitting Roku are very much, um similar.

I mean, they are gods. Essentially. Like them and other living organisms, even got Hopis family and anyone else except for Veg eta. And you realm of mortals, only Veg eta can come close to go who and power strength. So possibly hit saw that Roku lives his life by trying to better himself, constantly 20, constantly tries to find new ways to get more power and that's a that gone. We essentially gave hit a new reason to live and that's kind of deep once again. And as to why he food out the fight with Monica, uh, that was saying.

Essentially saying, like I, don't need a cube I don't need to go to other universes. I now, have a goal to live for I can improve myself and I can fight against Roku in the future because Roku did throw himself out of the ring. He forfeited the match, and the hit I think he sort of realized the banality of existence in a way. I mean, if you look at the grander aspect that once again, Oriya likes to keep things light, and you like the sight of things. But if you really think why do we even live and I. Think hit is a character that thought about that and I mean for why are they fighting for really if you think about it because two gods keep gods of destruction from different universes, had a petty dispute over food. They are fighting for the most inconsequential dumb like who gives a like they are fighting force.

They are fighting a children's battle. Two kids fighting over pudding. And they call for the desk. You fight like it's, the most ludicrous and ridiculous thing you can think.

About and when hit sawdust I mean, he is one tells Roku like you do realize that we are their puppets, and he is absolutely right. They are the puppets that are being maneuvered by destiny and other forces above them and the status of God equal to them know. So that's really sad when you think about it. And once again, go who give hid a reason to live and that's?

Why I think he threw the fight with Monica, knowing full well, the consequences that Champ would get pissed off, but a hit still. He doesn't seem. To be afraid of him, she knew what was coming. He obviously knew that Champ would most likely be a furious.

And now when is the bro talking about I, think you can take him down, but I don't think that he can take down puddles like vats is a discussion for a different video. But nonetheless, that is essentially my theory about hit him previous like who knows maybe like I could be actually totally wrong. Possibly we will have an episode that focuses on hits backstory.

Because hit as he character is. Incredibly interesting and honestly, it's a what are the best thing that that has happened in Dragon Ball, super to be quite honest, hit man hit. But uh, yes, I could be wrong, and may be wrong. But I just want to see more of hit and I think that as a theory I would like it, because its heaven goes into a darker aspect of Dragon Ball that, uh, we haven't seen anyone, but unless parts and opinions about this theory or do you have a theory of your own. Please you tell me in the comment section below. Thanks. You so much for watching ciao have a great day and bye, the , bah.

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