Why Is #Mulan On #Disneyplus So Expensive? || Im Not Paying To See Mulan!

  • 09-May-2022

Let's get down to business let's get down to it let's. Talk about it let's. Talk about how Disney released Mulan for Disney plus users, who have a subscription, but the premiere access is 29.99. What Disney why am I okay. Beyonc black is king came out free with my subscription. So I can find out that black is king free with my subscription. But you want me to pay 29.99 to make a man out of me.

Come on. Come on Disney I'm, not about to do it. I bought some stock on you earlier this week, which I don't know.

If that was a hit or miss, but I was led by it wasn't, the spirit it's, probably where I went wrong. I was led by something to just invest in some stock. And I did, and I don't really know the stock market. So that's, besides the point, the point of the situation here is, nobody is pa. If 29.99, I think I used to pay. I don't even remember now because it's been so long.

But my AMC used to be been it 29.99 or was it lower than that 25? Or 20 was it 20? I don't even remember, but I know that I could get for. Whatever price, I paid the 29 or the 25 or the 20 I'm, not sure if I'm, not sure right now, but whatever price that was, I could get three movies in a week for that price.

And you want me Disney, plus Disney to pay 29.99 to see Mulan to see them defeat the Hun like come on Disney I'm, not about I'm, not about to pay and top it off. Okay. And this is just bad marketing.

Because even even if I said, you know, what it's quarantined it's coveted. When am I going to go out to be when am I going to be able to. Go out to the movies. Let me just take some money from the savings.

The savings are over here. That's. Why I took the money took the money from the savings and paid the 29.99. Even if I thought about that, somebody in marketing said, well, Disney plus users. If you don't want to pay the 29.99 now it's going to be free it's going to be free in the Disney, plus come December, what who let that cat out the bag because now that I know that it's going to be free in December merry, Christmas Mulan I'm, not paying.29.99 I'm, not paying 29.99. Now, when October November, December three months away, I can see it for free well for 6.99, but for free, basically because I'm paying the subscription come on who who who decided who decided if you go to church, you might now go to church.

You might now go to a church. You might know a go-to church. Furthermore, you might know, anyway, no, who decided that they were going to release that information. They should have kept that in the bag. Because if is I had like, if I was on the. Fence like I was never really on the fence, I'm like going to pay 30 dollars to see Mulan come on. But if I was on the fence to know that now I can see for free or for the subscription regular price 6.99 in December come on like why?

Why am I going to see I'm not that thirsty to see Mulan to where I have to pay 30 now? And I can't, wait one, two three months to see it from our regular subscription price. I mean, come on like who who did the marketing for that, who was the person that said, let's, let.Then know that they can see the December, no don't, tell me that keep me in suspense. Keep me on edge.

Keep me wondering, like, oh, I'm, never going to be able to see Mulan it's, never going to happen. Maybe I should just go ahead and pay the 29.99. But somebody said, ah, tell them it's going to be coming in December you're fired because now that I know it's coming in December. And now that I know that there's a plethora of other Disney plus movies that I can see on Disney, plus until December I'm, not paying 30. For one movie and what I don't know is what I don't know is did I buy the movie? Did I purchase the movie or is that a rental is that a 30 rental or is that a 30 purchase because I need to know I'm, not paying 30 regardless? But, but if I were to pay is that just to rent the movie do I get premier access to see the movie one time or is that an all-time lifetime warranty like I get to see the movie all the time come on Disney.

I mean, I purchased some stock, but I don't know it would be. Interesting to see how many people are going to purchase that 29.99 for Mulan is it Mulan? I like Mulan, but um, I don't know if it's thirty dollars worth I'm, trying to think about apparently about what movie would be thirty dollars worth it's. Hard it's, hard, it's hard to hard to discern it's like the spirit of discernment. And I don't discern that Mulan is 30. 29.99 worth.

Okay. I I I just don't. I just, um.

My reflection. Doesn't, um, look back at me and say, that's, 29.99. It does not it does.

Not, uh, I don't see how making a man out of me. I don't see how defeating the Hun is worth 29.99. I just don't. So I merry Christmas Mulan, I will see you in December okay, I think I will be joined with a plethora of other Disney, plus subscribers, who will not be paying 29.99 right now when they can see you for the regular price 6.99 in December merry, Christmas Mulan, bye.

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