Yamaha Ttr 125 4 Stroke Dirt Bike

  • 09-May-2022

Hello guys, welcome back to the YouTube channel. And if today's video, as you can see, we have this Yamaha, TTR, 125., it's, air, cooled as you can see, so it's, not too much made. Okay.

Let me do a little update. The reason why this thumbnail is not saying we bought that we got is because we didn't buy this recently, it's actually a half year ago in August 2021. So it just has been sitting around just breaking it. One time as you can see, it has been in the background of a couple videos. And this is actually one.

We have been written as well a little. Yeah, just I think one time only, yeah, one time had a little on the garden. And then we liked this a lot it's, a perfect bike easy for wheelies and uh stuff like that. But this one we have, but it has a few problems. So we don't want, we don't know what to want to do with this. Yeah, it has some issues.

So we're, not really sure what you were going to do with it. And yeah, otherwise it's Yamaha it's, the best brand, you know, and I think the size is pretty nice. And it's perfect the brakes and everything works clutch is really pleasant, not too stiff. And you can do the one thing helices. Yeah, that's a little. Cool.

Choke on. Uh, protaper. Grips clutch is very pleasant, easy, pull and uh, and it's actually pretty good.

I like it a lot. It needs some maintenance as I said, the back tire, they need a new inside house and maybe new threads. You know, a little the maintenance, but uh, overall, they said, these things last forever. I can't say what that's right? And as always. Thank you guys very much for watching, and we may, we will see up some of these pepper in the future. We hello at the battle, uh.

And as you can see, this is a real beast and yeah, hopefully we will see some riding of it in the near future. And as always thank you guys very much for watching stay tuned for next one it's going to be a good one have a nice day.

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