Zero To One And Thinking Business Like An Intp

  • 09-May-2022

Hey, everybody c-note here and welcome to dopamine. I am your host c-note, and I am also known as Krishna Rivera I'm, a digital producer that includes photo video, graphic design and audio production, and I'm also working on becoming a certified MBTI coach and profiler. And today, most of my videos have been talking a lot about NTPs.

And today is no different I wanted to share a book that I think all into should read I. Think anybody that is interested in business should read this book, but for INTO. Specifically Peter Thiel's zero to one is a pretty amazing experience for developing business sense through an into perspective because Peter till Peter Thiel is an into himself. And he is someone that brings that sort of perspective to the business mindset. And in essence, the concept of zero to one is about taking this idea of competition and people who are often on the same level of business are kind of living this that's too far back people who are often getting into business are finding.

Industries or places to work in that are typically in a competitive space that are living on the same sort of plane or framework. And zero to one is about finding a way for you to almost monopolize or niche into an industry in a way that you accentuate, the idea of the smallest viable market. So for you to be able to take this some sort of unique idea to serve people who are looking for a problem to be solved and find a way to help them solve that problem. He goes through seven questions to. Ask yourself for how to develop yourself as a businessperson and finding the right team finding the right timing finding the right issue to solve all sorts of things that are really, really interesting in this book.

So as an INTO I, think, this book is really incredible for you to check out I'll drop a link below to go pick up that book, I have no affiliation with Peter tail. I just think it's, a really great book, it's something that I've been reading on this vacation as something that has been just. Sort of coalescing in my brain, which is why I'm I don't have like the full frameworks yet to share with you from that, but I'll probably extract some things and make some videos on that.

But I wanted to make a quick recommendation for you to check out that book zero to one by Peter teal. And if you want to subscribe to dopamine hit the link below dopamine that life. And if you want to consider cosmic calibration for NTPs hit the link below a bit dot, LY / cosmic INTO.

So this short video is just to. Help you understand that Peter Thiel zero, one is going to change your perspective on a lot of things, not just business, but to think a little more succinctly about how to be remarkable, and I think that is what I'm trying to do for int P's is to help. You guys become a little more remarkable and to realize that you're special. And you can bring something to the world. So that's, if I've been c-note, I'll, catch you guys. Next time.

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